About Us

“WorkEdge Coworx” is a collaboratory – a confluence of collaboration and laboratory which inspires innovation and ingenuity. It offers you edge in working environment where free and open minds can collaborate, innovate, network and scale up the value chain. WorkEdge provides plug ‘n’ play work environment that is conducive for growth of startups and individual professionals. While you focus on your core areas of strength, leave the work place and environment to us, and we will ensure you are placed in comfortable environment to enhance your productivity, and define stretchable targets for yourself. WorkEdge has well networked community of coworkers and professionals who can mentor you during your startup journey, in various aspects like technical, investment, entrepreneurship, marketing, legal, financial, HR matters, and the list goes on. You need help, and it is available, a call away.

At WorkEdge, you share your office with other like-minded people, who are ready to work in a professional environment, at drop of a hat. All you need to do is signup as member at the WorkEdge Coworx, and choose out of various available plans, like – Open seats, private offices, conference rooms, virtual offices, etc. as per your business needs. You have the opportunity to learn from the fellow co-workers, budding entrepreneurs, mentors and investors, which can be an enriching experience both professionally and personally. Your success is not just measured by your professional achievements, but also by the personal accomplishments.

Who We Are

WorkEdge is run by group of professionals from the corporate world, one among yourself, who understand the needs of entrepreneurs and professionals. They are well experienced and familiar with the evolving work culture globally, evolving technology, are committed to transform the way we work, and boost productivity.

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Our Values

We value excellence and are committed to long lasting relationship, based on mutual trust. Accordingly, we wish to partner with startup and SME companies in their growth story, and contribute to make their success story a trend setting example for the rest.


We aspire to be an active contributor to India’s startup story, and help its customers grow beyond boundaries

Coworking Noida

WorkEdge wishes to be an integral part of the startup ecosystem and contribute to participants’ success by sharing its wide experience, network and resources