We surely know what music does to our soul, spirits and mood at work, and beyond. Beside, what we understand at a psychological level, the influence of music on our productivity is also scientifically proven.

Similar to how music stimulates our mood, coworking spaces stimulates our productivity. The people from various spheres of life, representing different organizations and viewpoints, with whom you engage on a daily basis, makes for your playlist. The way you shuffle through your playlist, you walk across a pool of diverse set of individuals in a coworking environment.

Playing the right notes…

You must have never given it much of a thought, but a coworking space is more conducive to your productivity than any of the traditional work setups.

A coworking ecosystem, just like, your musical jam offers you many opportunities to grow in a shared work area.

These spaces also plan high-scale events that just not offer prospects for higher engagement, but also deliver access to a networking zone that can help you to collaborate, find great business alliances or better job proposals, to accelerate your growth as a professional.

Setting-up the tempo…

Just as your music, your coworking space is also mobile and flexible. It allows you to choose your space, basis your work requirement, just as you can choose your music basis your mood. So, if you are feeling all pepped-up you will pick up something jazzy and if you feel gloomy, you might pick a sad tone.

Likewise, when you are overworked, you might want to isolate yourself to a corner desk, and if you want to interact with others, you may want to get yourself placed on a bean bag in a relaxation and networking zone.

To the retort…

Music is being termed as a universal language, why? Because, it is not biased to you and me and it doesn’t matter who is playing it at the moment, it strikes just the right (and almost similar) chords with people on the planet. Interestingly, shared office spaces reflect, kind of the same sentiments. The chances of power dynamics, office politics and perceived notions are next to minimal in such spaces.

When you interact with people in these spaces, you expand your own horizon of thoughts, value-add to your beliefs and realize the realities which you might never have thought even existed.

These momentary experiences of social interaction with like-minded and not-so like-minded people, in a coworking environment fills you with so much information, knowledge and sometimes just plain happiness, that you feel overwhelmed.

Coworking spaces are not just your interim solutions, like many would like to believe, but they offer you enough room to customize your immediate surroundings and personalize your workstation.

Just as you personalize your playlist and save your preferred songs as favorites, you can add a touch of personalization to your desks in a coworking zone, as well.

An expression for work and life…

Music helps align the chakras of your body making you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Coworking spaces have a similar effect on your work-life balance. They help you stay connected with your personal life, as much as they help you to perform better at work.

In comparison to a traditional workspace or even a work-from-home culture, you are better equipped to call it off, as your body clock trickles off, when working out of a coworking office culture.

In conclusion…

A coworking space isn’t just a desk, but a workspace and a platform with ample scope for interaction and productivity. Just as music is food for the soul, a coworking environment is the fuel for your increased output and better productivity.

When you weigh the pros and cons of a coworking space, the pros will definitely outweigh the cons. So, plug in your earphones, play your favorite song and dance away your day at your coworking zone!

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