Sustainable Coworking in Your Town

WorkEdge Coworx is the most dynamic and flexible provider of office space in Noida Sector 63 and the most sought after workplace solutions provider in all Noida. Over here cutting-edge is commonplace and collaborative innovation is the order of the day. Our coworking spaces and myriad types of convenient office space in Noida are tailor made for freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs and new age corporates. We provide a plug n’ play ambiance in the true sense of the term, empowering start-ups, savvy professionals and others to focus on achieving their strategic goals, without having to get embroiled in administrative hassles.

We have an array of co working formats for you to choose from, including private coworking space, private cabin office, virtual office services, conference room rental, meeting room rental and so on. At a time when the gig economy is becoming the new normal, we at WorkEdge Coworx are helping usher in a new work paradigm by making it possible for businesses, entrepreneurs and freelance professionals to have unfettered access to fully functional dynamic office spaces. This is the place where you can network with mentors, investors and innovators par excellence. So whether it is an office space for rent in Noida, a small office space in Noida or a cutting edge IT office space in Noida, WorkEdge Coworx is the place to be. Where are you?

Sustainable Coworking in Your Town









Who We Are

WorkEdge Coworx was founded by a group of corporate professionals hailing from diverse industry backgrounds. With a wealth of experience in the coworking sector spanning the advent of the digital age, they have endeavoured to offer the very best to Workedge clients. At WorkEdge our clients can look forward to work in an environment that is in sync with the emerging global work culture.

Our Values

The WorkEdge Coworx values are defined by our commitment to provide our clients with cutting edge infrastructure, backed by a welcoming work environment that engenders both business growth and community building. We take pride in the progress of our clients and ensure that we provide them with the wherewithal to help them achieve their goal. We want our clients to know that we have their back-always.


The WorkEdge vision is all about empowering people’s lives. We envisage a work environment that adds value to their lives and not just their work. At WorkEdge Coworx, we are all about building communities. We want to help our clients to not just realise their business goals, but reach their moment of epiphany, right here with us at WorkEdge Coworx. Truly a coworking place that you can call your very own.

Why Our Customers Love Us

E Watch Media and Learning Solutions

Hey Guys, If you’re looking for a co-working space in Noida, this is your heaven. The ambiance you get here is just awesome. You come here with a small start-up and soon you realize that you’re part of a team. The support and motivation WorkEdge provide is commendable. It might sound like I’m bragging but trust me guys, you can’t get a better and a cooler co-working space.

Co Founder and Business Head


Having seen some of the swankiest work spaces across globe in various blue chip MNCs, I can definitely say that this space has an amazing positive feel & natural vibrancy. Biggest testimony to that is, first time in my career spanning 20 years, I NEVER EVER WITNESSED MONDAY MORNING BLUES…since I am here.


Neufango labs Pvt. Ltd.

A Little sceptical initially having not used a coworking space earlier. Experience with WorkEdge Coworx has charged my view and now I would recommend start-ups to give it a try. All the staff has been very cooperative. It provides a perfect space for mutual growth.


Metis Advisory

Having experience working at other coworking spaces, what attracted me to WorkEdge was the energy of the place and spirit of informality which is so intrinsic in an entrepreneurial organization. WorkEdge provides us a complete ecosystem, with loads of services available in-house. Marketing collaterals, designing and other stuff has been done for us, by fellow at WorkEdgians.

Principal Consultant


We were one of the early companies in WorkEdge and have witnessed their team has provided an environment where start-ups can focus on their work without worrying for infrastructure. WorkEdge not only take care of infra but also organize events on upcoming technologies/domain such as AI, Blockchain, FIntech even Accelerator programs, etc which help start-ups to get cross functional knowledge. Looking for a long-term association with WorkEdge.

Co-founder & COO


The overall ambience of the place is very positive and energetic. The fellow people around are helpful and give a scene of comfort. Overall cleanliness, security and administration is top notch. The management is very prompt and addresses every person on any matter with complete dedication.


Known Strategies

Undoubtedly the best Coworking space. The friendly vibe sets you in as soon as you enter this space. A good place for startups. You’ll find all rates are too inexpensive with the facilities available.


Top Inspiration Pr

I came to WorkEdge Coworx from a leading multi national co-working space organization and I must say that services they offered are not a patch on what WorkEdge Coworx does. Great as the facilities are, it is the enabling and empowering culture that pervades the place that is the hallmark of WorkEdge Coworx. I have made many friends among my colleagues here and one gets to learn so much almost on a daily basis.

Communications Consultant


WorkEdge Coworx as in service is excellent. No request is out of the question and always accommodated in a reasonable time frame. Very responsive team and easy company to work with. I enjoy our partnership.

Director Engineering
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