Our Bouquet of Services

We offer our clients the very best co-working spaces, business suites and ready to use shared office spaces that are just right for start-ups, SMEs, professionals, freelancers, fledgling business owners, established corporates, branch offices, remote teams, associates-you name it! Our slew of facilities includes cutting edge high-tech infrastructure that empowers you to excel in your line of work, unhampered by worry about the managing and upkeep of facility.

Your every need is anticipated and catered to. Depending upon what works best for you, WorkEdge Coworx provides myriad options- open seats, cubicles, meeting room space, conference room space, virtual office spaces and even an event management area. There’s also a rooftop cafeteria and recreation zone to help you and your staff unwind.

In keeping with the demands of the digital era and the growing importance of the gig economy, we offer our clients bespoke office formats. This not only enables them to set up their own offices at very short notice, but also for customized time periods ranging from a few hours a day to a few months and even years at a stretch. All that they need to do is select a membership plan or office option that best suits their purpose. With dynamic plans to meet the needs of a diverse clientele, WorkEdge CoWorx provides the definitive collaborative experience to its members.

WorkEdge Cowork is a hotbed of innovation and creativity what with professionals and achievers from eclectic background interacting and creating a unique buzz that is so representative of the ethos of the place. This is a place where new synergies are created everyday among regular clients and occasional business visitors from cities around India and the rest of the world. WorkEdge Coworx is where you can expect to meet like-minded people and stay up to speed with the emerging industry trends and happenings. Can’t wait to join?

Choose from the various plans and facilities listed below:

  • Private Cabin Office
  • Open dedicated seat
  • Short usage Plans – Fortnightly, Daily or Hourly Usage Plans
  • Student special plan
  • Video Conference
  • Virtual office facilities
  • Events area

Private Cabin Office

These ready to use shared office spaces are just right for start-ups, SMEs, freelancers, consultants, private individuals, artists and so on. Among the people who find these ideal are remotely working professionals managing teams, clients or business associates.

These private cabin offices provide you the privacy that you need for yourself and your team of any size. We can outfit this private space of yours exactly according to your specific requirements.

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Open Dedicated Seat Plan

This is a very convenient option for members of a team that lets them avail of these dedicated seats that allows them to work in a highly conducive work environment. Besides, one is provided with the wherewithal to conduct meetings or organize conferences with for one’s prospects and clients in a very professional and well-appointed setting.

This plan comes with Wi-Fi and reprographic facility, as well as limited shared access to the meeting rooms. Tea and coffee is also complimentary for members who avail of this plan.

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Open Flexible Team Plan (Day or Night Plan)

This plan provides ergonomically designed seats that are just right for a host of new age professionals who need these seats every once in a while or for a typically short duration of time. One usually sees professionals, start-ups, freelancers, consultants, artists and remotely working professionals managing teams, clients or business associates opt for this plan. There being no fixed seats under this plan, one comes and avails of the available seat as per one’s convenience.

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Short Term Usage Plans: Fortnightly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly

At Workedge Coworx we are fully in tune with the requirements of the new age tech- savvy work force, many of whom are digital natives who more often than not think out of the box. They too have access to the open flexible seats, albeit for a shorter duration of their choosing- for a fortnight, a week, a day or a few hours. This is an eminently suitable plan for those with limited need- based requirement of office space.

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Well Appointed Conference Room

We offer our clients a well- appointed conference room ideally suited for holding board room meetings, client interactions, business meetings, brain storming sessions, corporate presentations and so on.

Visitors can have access to the conference room as well as the concomitant amenities like access to reprographic facility, wi fi, cafeteria and tea and coffee.

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Students Special Plan

Youngsters these days are far ahead of their times and need their own space (pun intended) to grow and evolve. We have special plans for students that let them work out of a cool, calm and professional environment, which is a world away from the chaotic atmosphere at home.

At WorkEdge Coworx they can work on their projects, brainstorm a business idea with their friends or simply familiarize themselves with a stimulating professional work environment.

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Virtual Office

The digital age has thrown up new paradigms of working and a virtual office is a prime example of that.

At WorkEdge Coworx we offer a virtual office plan which entitles a member to a business address for their business, as well as limited on site access to their mail, meeting rooms, wi fi, cafeteria and tea and coffee facility.

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Events Arena

WorkEdge Coworks provides an events arena replete with all facilities including a stage, strobe lighting and acoustics. It is ideal for hosting an array of events including workshops, seminars, training sessions, hiring campaigns, marketing announcements and so on. The place has a very cool and happening environment what with its very own fun and chill out zone that makes holding an event here that much more relaxing for the participants. The events arena can also be used in conjunction with open flexible seating as well as the meeting rooms or conference room for seamless networking with one’s remote team or business associates.

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