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The WorkEdge Coworx meeting rooms serve a variety of functions –interviews, presentations, briefing sessions, client pitches and training. That’s not all as you get projection equipment, access to wi-fi, reprographics, catering and beverage services. There is no doubt about the fact that the best in class meeting rooms in Noida come to you from Work Edge Coworx.

WorkEdge Coworx meeting room rental is easily amongst the most economical in Noida in terms of the sheer quality of the service. Where else would you get a premium office ambiance and access to cutting edge infrastructure of the kind that meeting room space that we provide you? What’s more you can book meeting rooms by the hourand even book meeting room online.If you ever felt constrained by the lack of a meeting room in your home office, or felt that your consultancy could do with one get in touch with WorkEdge Coworx pronto. Talk about convenience at your doorstep! So the next time you need meeting rooms space for rent, you know where to look-there’s no other place that can hold a candle to WorkEdge Coworx meeting rooms. Book yours the next time you need to make an impression on your all-important client or want to train your team in a professional and comfortable setting.

Here’s Why You Need to Check These Out:

  • Professional, State of the Art on demand meeting space
  • 2-5 pax seating capacity
  • Outfitted with White Board and plush seating
  • Customized rentals-hourly, daily and bespoke

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