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Event Space on Demand-Setting the Stage for Success

When it comes to event space rental look no further than WorkEdge Coworx. So the next time you need to find a venue for an event, look no further than us. We offer you the ideal space and facilities for all manner of events-corporate affairs, small events,official events or any other kind of event. You name the event and we can be the venues and event spaces.Not surprising that we areamong the most in demand corporate event venues. What’s more our rentals for eventsare quite economical considering what we offer- best in class acoustics, a fun and chill out zone, a groovy stage, projection facilities and the ability to link with your teams or business associates operating out of meeting rooms and conference room.

You have a fun training session in mind, a stand-up comedy gig, a human development workshop, a karaoke competition in mind or anything equally zany, we will set everything up for you. When you book an even rental space with us you can leave the planning and organizing to us. You just need to show up. WorkEdge Coworx location in the corporate hub of Noida and its out of the top drawer facilities and amenities makes it a great choice for holding an event to remember.

Here’s Why You Need to Check This Out:

  • Dedicate space for formal corporate gatherings and social events
  • Comfortable seating capacity catering to 20 to 60 pax
  • Well equipped with chairs, table, projector and sound system
  • Gourmet food and beverages served on demand.

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