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WorkEdge Coworx Privacy Policy

Please go through the statement below to obtain all relevant information pertaining to our information collection and distribution practices. Kindly note that our privacy policy retains the right to change at any time without issuing a notice of any kind. In order to stay up to date with any changes, please update yourself about the contents of this policy periodically. Your visiting this platform, mobile app, and the platform you undertake to be in agreement with the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. In case you are not in agreement of this policy kindly desist from in any way using or accessing our platform, mobile app and the platform. Simply by the very expedient of the use of ourservices as laid down in our terms and conditions , you would have clearly expressed your agreement to use and distribution of your personal information in conformity with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is to be considered to be a part of the terms of use and is as such subject to it.

1. Obtaining Information That Can Be Personally Identified By an Individual as Well as Other Information

Every time you endeavor to use our services as laid down in our terms and conditions, we collect as well as store your information, as provided by you regularly. Our main intention in so doing is our desire to provide you a secure, seamless, smooth and high quality bespoke service. This enables us to provide you with the best in class services and features that are best suited to your needs and customized to that end in the maximum possible way, resulting in a more secure and user friendly manner.

In this very process we obtain personal information from you that we deem important to achieve that end. In the main you will retain the ability to browse the platform without divulging your personal information. However once you have shared your personal information with us, you are no longer a hidden and unknown entity to us. For our part we try our best to suggest which fields are compulsory and which are optional. You retain the choice in so far as your decision to use a particular feature or service is concerned. We on our part retain the option to track information pertaining to you on the basis of your behavior displayed upon our platform.

This information is deployed to get a handle on user demographics, propensity and tendencies so as to better comprehend, secure and serve our clients. The compilation and analysis of the information is carried out on an average basis. The information may pertain to the URL used by (our platform or some other), the URL you will get on to (our platform or some other), the computer browser used by you as well as your IP address.

Cookies – A ‘cookie’ denotes a small portion of information that is stored by a web server on a web browser with the intention of retrieving it later from the browser. Cookies come in handy as a means to empower the browser to keep track of information germane to a specific user. We position both permanent and temporary cookies in the hard drive of your computer. The cookies have none of your personal information that would identify you.

We position data collection devices like cookies on specific pages of the platform to assist in analyzing the flow of web pages, measure the efficiency of any promotional effort, as well as enhance trust and security. “Cookies” can be described as small files that are positioned in your hard drive to help us in providing are services to you. In fact, certain features of ours can only be accessed through a ‘cookie.’ At the same time cookies help us obtain information that caters to your interests. A majority of the cookies are what are termed as ‘session cookies’, implying that these get automatically deleted from your hard drive once a session ends. You retain the right to decline our cookies, your browser permitting, but that would curtail your ability to use some features available on the platform. Besides, you may be called upon to frequently re-enter your password during the course of a session.

That apart, you may come across ‘cookies’ or devices similar to these on specific pages of the Platform, positioned there by third parties. We on our part exercise no control over any cookies that might have been deployed by third parties. In the event of your choosing to buy on the Platform, we obtain information about such buying behavior. In case you transact with us, we will obtain additional information pertaining to billing address, instrument details of other payment, as well as tracking information pertaining to cheques or money orders.

In case you want to post a message on our message boards, chat rooms and other areas where you can leave a message or feedback we will obtain that information. We will keep such information with the intent of resolving disputes, reaching customer support to you and troubleshoot when required as permitted under law. In case you transmit personal correspondence in the shape of email and letters, or if users other than you and third parties transmit information pertaining to your activities and postings on the Platform, we retain the right to store such information in a file specific to you. We obtain information that identifies your personally (email, address, name, phone number, payment instrument details and so on) at the time that you set up a free account with us. You have the right to browse some parts of our Platform even when you are not a registered member, specific activities like placing an order do need for you to be a registered member. We will use the contact information provided by you to customise offers drawing from information pertaining to your previous orders and interests.

2. Deployment of demographic/profile/your specific information

We deploy your personal information so as to provide you the service you need. Our deployment of your personal information to market to you is subject to your ability to opt out of the said arrangement. Your personal information is deployed in the resolution of disputes, resolving problems, help enhance secure service, evaluate consumer interest in our products and services, keep you abreast about our online and offline offers, products, services as well as updates,customize your experience, identify and protect us against mistakes, fraud and criminal intent, implement our terms and conditions and howsoever intimated to you at the time of asking for the said information. Our endeavor to constantly improve our product and service features we obtain and evaluate demographic and profile data pertaining to user activity on our platform.

We locate and deploy your IP address to help detect server problems and manage our Platform. Your IP address is also helpful in identifying you and collecting general demographic data. We will ask you to participate in optional online surveys from time to time. The surveys may require you to furnish contact as well as demographic information (pin code, income level, age, etc.). This data is leveraged to provide you customized service via our Platform, by way of providing you with content that is commensurate with your interest and liking.

3. The Sharing of Personal Information

Your personal information might be shared by us with our associate organisations so as to help zero in on fraud and forestall identity theft and any other possibility of criminal conduct; be able to detect connections connected, related or multiple account to prevent any possibility of misuse of our services; and to make possible collaborations in the shape of joint or cobranded services on your request in the event of such services being provided by more than a single entity.

Those associate organizations, however may not reach out with the intent of marketing to you on account of such sharing, unless specified by you that you want to opt in. We may share personal information if required under law or in good faith in the event of such disclosure being deemed necessary in response to court orders, subpoenas or any other legal requirements.

We may share personal information with law enforcement personnel, third parties with a lien, or anyone else in all good faith in the event of such disclosure being deemed necessary to- put into practice our Terms of Privacy, take cognizance of claims that a post, advertisement or any other content infringes upon the rights of a third party; or in order to secure the rights of a third party; or similarly secure the rights, property or personal wellbeing of our users or general public.

4. Steps to Ensure Security

The strictest security measures make our platform secure against the loss, abuse, and change in the nature of information within our control. Every instance of any change in or access of your account information by you is protected by the use of a secure server by us. The very act of you trusting us with your information ensures that it is kept secure by way of a stringent security protocol that inures it against illegal access.

In the event of your suspecting that your rights have been infringed upon by the information provided on this platform, you may reach us at.

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