The modern workplace bears very little resemblance to the old solid as an oak office space. The new centers of creativity and enterprise in Indian cities like Bengaluru, Pune, Gurgaon and Noida, which have made India the virtual technology headquarters of the world, are powered by ready to move in office spaces. These new world spaces require negligible expense and practically no lead time to set up.

It is no surprise then that the drivers of the world technology revolution comprising of startups, technology entrepreneurs, freelancers and the digital nomads of the world find these ready to move in office spaces ideal for their requirements. Everything they need like high speed internet, customized workplaces, conference rooms, cafeteria, recreation areas, administrative support are theirs, at fraction of the cost that renting a traditional office would cost them.

Besides, these coworking spaces are a great place to hang out with likeminded people, develop contacts and forge mutually beneficial professional relationships. This is hardly possible in the stiff and hierarchical traditional office space. In a place like Noida, for example, you could easily set up your office in a matter of hours, in ready to move in offices spaces like those provided by WorkEdge Coworx and hit the deck running.

When you set up an office in a place like that, you don’t just get a workplace of you own, you join a coworking community. This is something that is greatly valued by new entrepreneurs, freelancers and those who start their businesses following the bootstrapping model, for it enables them to work in a buzzing and happening environment that is normally found in large corporate set ups.

The reason that the coworking office space concept has caught on in a big way in Noida, lies in the fact that this NCR town has a host of technology outfits who seem to prefer working out of coworking spaces on account of their convenience and low costs. The sheer economics of working out of ready to move in office spaces has meant that the legions of new age entrepreneurs and startups that were hitherto operating out of homes, garages or cafes could now actually afford a formal office space complete with all the essentials of a fully functional workplace.

It is possible to actually hire a ready to move in office space for as little as Rs. 5000 per month. Besides, one doesn’t even have to make a monthly commitment. You can even pay by the hour. Noida’s proximity to the national capital gives it an edge, as it provides budding entrepreneurs an opportunity to take advantage of the much lower rentals prevalent there. This enables many of them to actually break even and make a profit much sooner than they would if they had hired an office space in Delhi.

The fact that Noida boasts of a very large number of technically qualified young people makes it possible for startups renting place in Noida to scale up and grow their setups way faster than they would elsewhere. Another factor that gives Noida an edge over the other better known National Capital Region (NCR) town Gurgaon, is the former’s proximity to Delhi. While one can get to Delhi from Noida in as little as fifteen minutes, getting to Gurgaon can often take more than an hour.

The way things are poised, Noida is well on its way to becoming a trail blazer due to the fact that a whole cutting edge technology eco system driven largely out of plug- in and work kind of flexible office set ups, is slowly but surely making a mark for itself around the world. With ever new startups and technology entrepreneurs running a slew of bootstrapped outfits deploying cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Immersive Reality, Block chain and big data management and so on out of Noida’s dynamic coworking spaces, there’s much to look forward to. Perhaps the next dozen Noida unicorns!

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